Frequently Asked Questions

Do we have to order via the website or can we speak to you direct?
Yes you can and infact we prefer to have a conversation. Ordering branded products is not difficult, however we want 
to ensure you get the right product for your needs and often we can suggest alternatives that may suit you better. You can call us on 0330 202 0552.

How do I place my enquiry/order?
There are several ways in which you can order.
You can click to contact us button on each page on our website, a member of our sales team will send over a formal 
quotation and we'll usually call you to ensure you have received this.
You can call our sales team on 0330 202 0552 and they will arrange any quotations/orders for you.

How will you personalise my selected products with my logo?
To do this we will need you to supply us with suitable artwork. Our preferred format is PDF vectorised with all fonts 
set to outlines/curves and and any spot colours set to the correct Pantone Reference. You can also supply files produced in software such as Adobe Illustrator. Full colour images can be supplied as a high resolution PhotoShop. We can accept EPS files too but all image files must be at least 300 dpi and at the required print size or larger. We can supply you with artwork requirements spec sheets for most products on request.

I can not supply my own artwork can you help me?.
Yes we can. Simply send us your logos and any text requirements and we'll create the file for you. Don't worry about 
the font styles or layout we'll sort this for you. If you need any logos designing we can arrnage for a graphic artist originate these for you, however a charge for the work would be incurred.

How will you match the print colour to my logo colour?
To do this, we will need to know your colour references. Every colour has a Pantone Matching System (PMS) reference 
number. Pnatione numbers are generally used throughout the print industry to ensure that any printer can match the colours specified by your designer. However due to the limitation of some product materials or manufacturing processes we cannot always guarantee to match a pantone references exactly.

Where will I find my artwork and Pantone references?
The designer who originally created your logo or the printers who print your company stationery will probably have 
the artwork and PMS references. If you do not have this, then don't worry just contact our sales team and they can advise you further.

Can you match to colours on screen?
Unfortunately, this is almost impossible to do. Just like your home TV - computer monitor screens differ by 
manufacturer and also are rarely setup/adjusted the same. Thus if both parties were viewing the same image on screen it is highly unlikely that that we would be displaying the same tone of colour(s).

Can I send you my letterhead/bus card to match a colour to?
Yes of course. We will try to match as close as possible but prefer to do this as last resort as you need to bear in 
mind that printers ink will differ to say cereamic inks etc, especially when undergoing firing in our kilns.

How long before I receive an artwork proof?
We will e-mail an artwork proof for you to check all spelling and visual content normally within 48 hours of receipt 
of your files. It is only when you have passed this proof that we can proceed to make any plates/screens or blocks.

You have quoted me a lead time, what does this mean?
Lead time is the average production time for a given product to be printed and delivered to you after we have 
received final artwork approval.

What are Origination/Colour Set Up charges?
It is a general term referring to the makeup of the screens, dies, plates, masters or blocks used in the process of 
applying personalisation details to a product.

Does your quotation include VAT?
All of our quotations sent out are exclusive of VAT. Some products such as printed leaflets or certain charity 
products are usually are zero rated for VAT.

How can I be sure of the product quality?
We only source products that we can be sure that we can print on.

Can we see actual samples of the products before we buy them?
Yes you can. We often advise clients to have a plain sample to ensure the product is fit for the intended purpose. 
Often samples are non-chargeable, however more expensive items are bought in from the manufacturers just prior to us printing thus we have to make a charge for these. However we are happy to credit these back if returned within our specified returns period.

Can you manufacture bespoke or a special one off?
Yes of course, subject to your budget/ tooling costs and product availability we will always endeaver to source or 
manufacture a product for you.

Do you have a catalog?
Although we display over 40,000 items on our website we do produce a catalogue of our popular products. We print our 
catalogues at the start of each calendar year and although we print plenty each year once they have gone. They really have gone!. In addition we have a virtual catalogue which matches the printed catalogue and is also shown on our website. Both the printed and virtual catalogue show approx 1400 products. Our website however shows our complete range of over 40,000 products and is updated weekly so we always recommend you visit the site for our up to date product listings.

We feel sure you will find what you are looking for however if you do not see what you require then please call us, and we will do our best to find it for you.

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